5 US Territories Where Americans Can Travel Without a Passport

5 US Territories Where Americans Can Travel Without a Passport

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Passport processing times are currently extended, raising the question of where Americans can visit without the hassle of documentation. The solution? US territories and closed-loop cruises. Whether you fancy exploring the charming streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico, or soaking up the sun on the beaches of American Samoa, traveling without a passport is more feasible than you may imagine. Just pack your bags, bring your driver's license, and you're all set to visit these destinations without needing a passport. Let's start our adventure!

Which destinations in the United States can you visit without needing a passport?

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As constituent parts of the United States, American citizens aren't required to possess passports when visiting the country's island territories. A valid US driver's license is all that is necessary to quickly find yourself relaxing on the beach.

1. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, the fourth-largest island in the Caribbean, boasts a deep-rooted history. Even prior to Christopher Columbus' arrival in 1493, the Taínos people flourished on the island. Since 1898, it has been a US territory. While in Puerto Rico, you can delve into the island's history in the vibrant historic district of San Juan, enjoy horseback riding in the verdant mountains, or marvel at bioluminescent plankton on Vieques' shores.

2. US Virgin Islands

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Nestled between Puerto Rico and Anguilla, the US Virgin Islands form a remarkably stunning group of islands in the heart of the Caribbean. Imagine serene coves filled with gently swaying sailboats and a myriad of blue hues. The archipelago consists of three main islands and numerous smaller ones. St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John are equally captivating tropical destinations offering excellent opportunities for snorkeling, beaches, and scuba diving. Visitors might be surprised to discover that locals still drive on the left side of the road, a tradition stemming from past European governance.

3. Guam

The small island of Guam, located in Micronesia, is truly a distant island destination. Situated over 1,500 miles away from the Philippines, its closest major land mass, Guam was officially designated as a US territory following World War II due to its strategic position in the Pacific. Food enthusiasts will delight in experiencing the Chamorro culinary offerings, such as escabeche, red rice, and their unique condiment called finadenne, a blend of spicy chilies and vinegar. Make sure not to skip indulging in the latiya dessert. Apart from savoring Guam's delectable food scene, visitors can also explore attractions like Tumon Beach, Latte Stone Park where ancient carved rocks of the Chamorro people are displayed, and Fort Apugan, the sole remaining Spanish fort on the island.

4. American Samoa

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American Samoa represents another territory in the Pacific Islands under the jurisdiction of the United States, consisting of five islands, including the remarkably secluded Ofu and the central Tutuila. Characterized by rugged mountain peaks, lush forests, and a variety of coral reefs, these islands serve as a genuine tropical haven. Engaging in superb snorkeling adventures and relaxing on expansive beaches will reinforce the sense of paradise that these islands exude. In addition, the intriguing history of the region offers the opportunity to visit various World War II sites through attractions like the WWII Heritage Trail and the Blunts Point Trail on Tutuila. It's important to note that American Samoa is distinct from Samoa, requiring a passport if one intends to explore both locations.

5. Northern Marianas Islands

Located between Guam and Japan, the Northern Marianas Islands span over 1,500 miles and consist of 14 different islets. While some might be familiar with Saipan, others like Rota and Tinian are less renowned. With a population of under 50,000 people, this tropical destination exudes a serene deserted island atmosphere. Visitors often stay at Saipan resorts to enjoy water sports and activities, such as snorkeling, but there are also opportunities to discover hidden beaches and remote atolls. Like Guam, the Northern Marianas Islands offer a blend of Chamorro and Carolinian cultures, along with numerous WWII historical sites for enthusiasts.

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