Complete Visitor's Guide to LaGuardia Airport 2024: Your One-Stop Resource

Complete Visitor's Guide to LaGuardia Airport 2024: Your One-Stop Resource

Airports 2024-03-13

New York City boasts several airports, with LaGuardia ranking as the third busiest in the city and the twentieth busiest in the United States. Handling more than 30 million passengers each year, LaGuardia, located in Queens, is a vibrant transportation hub.

Although LaGuardia focuses solely on domestic flights without immigration controls, it upholds a perimeter rule that restricts nonstop flights to destinations within 1500 miles. However, there are exceptions for specific routes like those to Denver and flights scheduled on Saturdays.

Even though LaGuardia Airport doesn't accommodate international flights, it holds significance as a vital layover point for travelers from the Northeast and other regions. For a smoother travel experience to and from this bustling New York hub, refer to this ultimate travel guide filled with tips and recommendations. Let's dive right in together to enhance your time at the airport!

What important details should you remember when passing through LaGuardia Airport?

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LaGuardia Airport bag policy

LaGuardia Airport's absence of international customs doesn't indicate lenient security measures. Quite the contrary. This is New York, after all. The TSA enforces standard baggage regulations here, so liquids exceeding 3.4 ounces aren't permitted past security checkpoints. In addition, it's crucial not to leave your belongings unattended as it could raise security concerns. Although LaGuardia Airport doesn't have on-site luggage storage, there are several options conveniently located near the airport.

LaGuardia Airport food policy

If you're in a hurry to catch a flight, LaGuardia Airport has numerous fast food options where you can grab a meal quickly for your plane journey. Artichoke, Dunkin Donuts, and Cibo Express all offer convenient and speedy meal choices. But if you find yourself with some spare time, the airport also features a variety of more upscale dining establishments. You can experience Queens' rich Italian-American culinary tradition at places like Cotto, Rossi Pizzeria, and Salotto.

LaGuardia Airport camera policy

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In LaGuardia Airport, similar photography guidelines apply as in other major airports worldwide. While taking photos is permitted, using professional gear like extensive lighting setups and tripods is discouraged. It's important to avoid snapping pictures of security personnel or restricted airport zones to prevent raising suspicions or facing uncomfortable inquiries. To simplify your experience, consider storing your valuable photography equipment at a luggage storage facility close to LaGuardia Airport for safekeeping during your travels.

LaGuardia Airport rules

  • Pet-friendly areas. Pets should be kept inside carriers while in the airport, except for certified service animals. There are no designated pet relief areas inside terminals A and B.
  • No-smoking zones. Smoking, including E-cigarettes, is prohibited in all terminals. Instead, use the designated outdoor smoking areas. Remember that smoking isn't allowed once you pass through security.
  • Customer assistance center. Each terminal's Arrivals level features a Welcome Center for customer assistance.
  • Transportation hub. New York MTA buses and taxis provide convenient transportation options to and from LaGuardia Airport, connecting it with the city's subway system.

LaGuardia Airport lockers

LaGuardia Airport hasn't always had a great reputation, but that can be said for New York City in general. The reality is that both the airport and the city have greatly improved over the past few decades and are now much more welcoming. While people don't visit LaGuardia Airport for its own sake, it serves as a convenient gateway to New York City, which is why it attracts millions of passengers annually.

Say goodbye to parking worries: trust us – – for a smooth trip!

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Traveling worldwide shouldn't be something tiring – conversely, that's the time you can enjoy both the amazing landscapes of our Earth and joint activities with your loved ones. Nevertheless, things don't always go as planned, and we're at risk to face some challenges even at such an enjoyable moment. One such problem is actually airport parking, specifically its price. Let's have a look at the situation a bit closer.

If you used to get to the airport you're flying from by your own car, you probably know what we're talking about – the question of parking cost arises every time. You'll be definitely shocked – even though most US airports provide travelers with on-site parking, which allows them to leave their vehicles for their entire journey there, such a parking type is unfairly overpriced. Choosing this parking option, your next trip just might cost you a fortune. And that's not even considering it's complicated to find a free parking spot for your car. Since nobody wants to waste money and travel inconveniently, there begs the following question: is there actually any solution?

And we're happy to say – yes, there is one!

What is off-site parking and why is it worth choosing this option exactly?

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Your best solution is already here – off-site parking lots that are just a few miles from the airport. Our smart booking platform with easy-to-use interface,, helps our clients to select off-site airport parking lots with the most affordable rates, along with high-quality service. In addition, we offer the services for the major US cruise ports that are located in Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, and Texas as well.

Why choose an off-site parking option? The answer is pretty straightforward – it's cheap and convenient. Using our services, first of all, you'll avoid the following difficulties you might face while getting to the airport you're departing from:

  • Crowded parking lots,
  • Carrying the luggage all the way through the parking lot,
  • Expensive fees without great service, and much more.

Everything works simply as well: after you've driven to the entrance, you'll be met by a parking lot staff who will take your luggage from your vehicle and load it onto the shuttle, which will take you and your bags to the airport terminal. Then, your car will be securely parked at the parking lot itself.

By the way, free shuttles going back and forth between the parking lot and the airport terminals are available 24/7. All that's required of you is to make a call and inform staff about the time suitable for you.

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For better understanding, we'd like to give you a good example.

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