Spirit Airlines to Introduce New Routes to Fort Lauderdale, Boston, San Diego, and Beyond

Spirit Airlines to Introduce New Routes to Fort Lauderdale, Boston, San Diego, and Beyond

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The routes are scheduled to start in May and June.

More bang for your buck! Spirit Airlines expands with 30 new summer routes

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Good news awaits travelers this summer with Spirit Airlines launching additional affordable flights to popular destinations across the United States. The airline has expanded its services to include nine direct routes departing from Boston, Portland (Oregon), Columbus (Ohio), and Salt Lake City, according to a spokesperson from Spirit Airlines.

Starting May 8th, Spirit will operate nonstop flights six times a week between Portland and Chicago. This marks Spirit as the pioneer low-cost carrier servicing this route, joining the ranks of Alaska, American, and United.

Come June, Spirit will expand its offerings across the country, emphasizing growth on the West Coast. These new flights will run daily:

  • Boston to/from Detroit and Pittsburgh
  • Portland to/from Burbank and San Diego
  • Columbus to/from Newark and Boston
  • Salt Lake City to/from San Diego and Fort Lauderdale

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These developments come amidst the recent announcement of the cancellation of the planned merger between Spirit and JetBlue, which aimed to combine affordable fares with exceptional service.

Of note, Spirit's latest cross-country flight between Salt Lake City and Fort Lauderdale coincides with JetBlue's discontinuation of this service. As Spirit refines its approach, it'll also face off against JetBlue on various routes, such as Boston to Detroit and Pittsburgh.

In total, Spirit is set to launch around 30 new flights just in time for the summer season, as reported by Cirium. Travelers can soon enjoy trips from cities like Houston and New Orleans to San Juan, in addition to a range of new domestic flights commencing in May and June.

Notably, Spirit Airlines distinguishes itself by offering unbundled fares, enabling customers to avail themselves of the most competitive prices with optional additional features available for purchase, like seat assignments and baggage. The introduction of these new routes by Spirit benefits domestic travelers at large, as legacy airlines endeavor to match these attractive pricing strategies to retain their clients.

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