Can You Help Me, Please? Here Are The Most Annoying Requests And Ridiculous Questions To Flight Attendants

Can You Help Me, Please? Here Are The Most Annoying Requests And Ridiculous Questions To Flight Attendants

Airport Employees 2021-10-06
Tommy Chimato, an American Airlines employee, named the most discouraging questions that passengers ask the crew during the flight. He revealed this on his TikTok account.

By the way, the man became famous on social media for talking about the flight attendant profession. So let's take a closer look at what you shouldn't ask while traveling. Let's start!

Which questions "are forbidden"?

According to Chimato, one of the ridiculous moments is when a passenger tries to find out which seat is better to enjoy the best view. Actually, the thing is that the view is the same from all of the plane's portholes.

The flight attendant was also surprised that some people want to recline their seat backs, even though they sit in the back of the plane. There is a wall behind the seat, which doesn't allow you to change the inclination angle.

Another strange situation happened to a tourist who wanted to get into the restroom "against all odds." Although Chimato said the toilet was already occupied, the passenger answered: "The only one thing I need is the sink."

And what about the requests?

Earlier, flight attendants also named the most annoying passenger requests.

Flight attendants told about the habits of the passengers, which often tick off the cabin crew. Finally, representatives of this profession shared their observations on a thematic forum.

According to one flight attendant, the most annoying question is what city the plane is flying over.

"We don't carry a GPS, and we're not going to bother pilots for such trivia. So most of the time, we call random places," she said.

Flight attendants also admitted to being annoyed by passengers yelling when they tried to get their attention. So instead, the flight attendants urged them to use a special call button.

"Don't hand us garbage when we don't have gloves/garbage bags, especially if we're handing out food. It's rude," another airline employee noted.

Another annoying action is being asked to put a heavy suitcase on the luggage rack.

"If you can't get your bags up yourself, don't ask us to do this. We're not movers," the flight attendant resented.

She also asked passengers not to stand up while the "fasten seatbelts" sign was lit, stressing that it could be life-threatening.

Another stewardess urged passengers not to walk barefoot, and her colleague asked parents not to scare children for bad behavior by an "angry flight attendant".

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