4 things you need to know before going to NYC

4 things you need to know before going to NYC

New York 2020-04-28 ParkingNearAirports.io

1. Welcome to NYC

  Welcome to NYCWell the first thing you need to know is about some general stuff.  Manhattan is more than just Manhattan people think that it's just Manhattan. but New York City consists of 5 boroughs. Those are number one Manhattan, number two Brooklyn number three Queens number four the Bronx and number five Staten Island. So if you're coming to New York City, make sure to check out some of the other boroughs. It may seem really small on the map but let me tell you won't be able to walk all the area in 1 day.  Maybe you can walk it in 1 full day but at the end of the day your feet will be really hurt and tired.  So better make sure you wear some comfortable shoes, because you'll be doing a lot of walking. And ladies you may have seen Sex in the City, that shows ladies of NYC wear heels, but  let me tell you that's actually not the case particularly if you're going to be a tourist. Ladies here usually wear sneakers and their pair of heels are in their bag if they're going to commute or when they're going to go to a formal event so don't be expecting to just wear your heels everywhere you go. There's a subway, so use the subway it will save your feet from pain quite a bit. If you're planning to stay here for a vacation, let's say three days is the minimum 5 days is optimal. By the way, New York City is expensive. The land in Manhattan is one of the most expensive in the US.  Everything is a little more expensive and NYC compared to other cities. And just a reminder this city runs on tips like valleys, restaurants, and things like that so make sure you got dollar bills that you can give out as tips. Two general things that you need to know too: other people have these impressions that New Yorkers are rude and I'll tell you they aren't rude; they just like to be efficient. They will get the quickest conversation with you just to get you through the line or process whatever it is you need. And just a reminder if you're going to use a bathroom don't expect to use a good one for free. There are very few  public toilets.  If you want a clean nice bathroom or restroom you are going to have to pay for it.

2. NYC Weather

NYC WeatherOkay, we're done with number 1. Let's move onto number two and it's about the weather.  I say 8 months out of the year it's chilly. NYC  can be really cold because there's a lot of water around in that location and it gets really windy.  Better make sure you bring some warm clothes. Maybe you want to please a jacket or layers of clothes because you're going to be in and out of buildings and the subway. It is maybe hot in the subway, maybe hot in the buildings, but outside it's really cold. Have layers of clothes you can take those things off when you’re in a hot place. Also if you're coming in the winter make sure to bring some rain boots because it rains in New York City a lot and when it snows and it gets rain, the space between the sidewalk and the street just becomes giant puddles so i wouldn't advise you to wear fabric shoes. You will definitely want leather shoes or something that's waterproof so you won't feel miserable when your feet are soaking wet.   If you're coming here in the summer, take note, it's really hot and humid.

3. Going to New York City

Going to New York CityThe next thing you need to know about coming to NYC is that it's about getting in. You can take the plane if you're coming from another country or city or you can take a train, bus or car. Make sure that you are prepared by reading the Best Apps for Travelling and (please hyperlink this when it has been published) TSA Rules that you should not forget. There are three airports that service the new york area which are JFK airport, Laguardia airport and Newark airport. Newark is actually in New Jersey but some people tend to fly into Newark  because JFK and Laguardia have lots of delays because they share this really busy airspace  so do expect some delays as you come in. If you're going to take Newark, there's 2 great transportation which are Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station. Do not get off at Newark Penn Station instead of New york Penn Station. They sound pretty similar but they're actually different. Also you can take a Megabus if you're on the east coast which is a cheap way to  get to New York City. They've got buses that come from a lot of the cities nearby and you can drive, but expect to pay for parking and lots of tolls to get in. Parking Near Airport will be offering parking deals so you could save a lot because like I've mentioned in number 1 everything is a little bit more expensive in NYC. Just park your car and leave it, don't expect to drive your car around anywhere. You can read Things you should know about Parking at JFK Airport which is very helpful if you’re planning to park near that area.


NYC SUBWAYSWhen you're already in New York the next thing you need to know is about transportation. The most iconic way to get around  New York City is to take the New York City Subway. You should know the NYC subway in Manhattan runs only North and South, it doesn't run East or West. You will need to walk or take a taxi if you're planning to get to East or West. Pay attention to the local and express trains. The local trains stop at every stop and express trains always stop  at a few stops.  So if you're going a short distance take the local train and if you're going a long way to take the express train it will get you there faster. And the final notes, make sure you get in the correct subway entrance because different subway stations will have entrances on different sides of the street  or in different city blocks that will take you only to certain lines and certain directions. You don't want to go in the wrong entrance and get stuck and have to go out again to actually find the correct entrance.