5 Natural Wonders That Prove the Existence of Magic

5 Natural Wonders That Prove the Existence of Magic

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Here’s an eternal question – does magic actually exist? Many studies were conducted, but there are still main three groups of people:
  1. those who believe in the existence of magic,
  2. those who remain neutral on this question,
  3. those who don’t believe in magic.
So actually, nobody knows the exact answer to such a question. However, a kind of an answer can be found around us, since our world is a fantastic place, which shows different awe-inspiring natural wonders. From rock formations to eerie ecosystems that baffle even top NASA scientists, Mother Nature hides many pretty special sights, and we’re ready to tell you about them in today’s article. So read carefully, and let’s get to the point!

1. Vaadhoo Island, Maldives: Bioluminescent Waves

Is there something more magical than a walk along the beach, when waves peppered with neon stars crash on the shore? Bioluminescent waves appear thanks to the combination of microorganisms in the waters near Vaadhoo Island with oxygen – they create a chemical reaction that produces bioluminescent microorganisms. Believe us, it’s truly a mystical sight to behold. We recommend taking a trip to this magical island in the Maldives in the period from July to February to see such an exciting natural phenomenon with your own eyes.

2. Naica, Mexico: Cave of the Crystals

Did you know that Mexico is home to one of the most surprising natural mineral formations in existence? There, you’ll be able to find different caverns, where the largest crystals on our planet have been growing for the past 500,000 years. The magma creates such high levels of heat and humidity that most of the underground chamber remains unexplored. Unfortunately, the entrance to the caverns is closed for tourists, but don’t worry about that, as we’ve found a nice solution – you can visit the Astro Gallery in New York City, where a sample is on display.

3. Chile Chico, Chile: Marble Caves

This series of sculptured caves were created over the centuries as water from General Carrera Lake was patiently carved into the rock, curating its gentle curves. The best time to enjoy the beauty of this natural phenomenon is at sunrise or sunset when the sun’s rays illuminate the smooth walls. A trip to Chile Chico is its own adventure, which starts with a 2.5-hour flight from Santiago and ends with a boat ride.

4. California, USA: Sailing Stone Racetrack Playa

People who love traveling across the United States, this option is definitely for you!

Racetrack Playa is a huge lake, located in Death Valley National Park. Its desert area allows visitors to see a collection of puzzling trails created by the mysterious movement of hefty boulders – one of the most surprising natural effects worldwide. These stones weighing a few hundred pounds can leave a path up to 700 feet long, and no one will ever witness their movement. Actually, the most reasonable theory of such a phenomenon is the melting of an ice ring around the rocks making it possible for the strong winds to push the boulders.

5. Colombia: Caño Cristales River

Ahead of you is a place located deep in Colombia’s Amazon, where you’ll find one of the most extraordinary waterways in the world. Locals call it Rainbow River thanks to its pinkish-red hue combined with a bluish-green tint, which creates a magical display of color running through the valley. Actually, such colors appear, since there is a unique plant formation, which grows on the river floor.

We recommend traveling there for a period from June to November to be sure to see this natural beauty with your own eyes. However, keep in mind the following key moment: it’s necessary to plan a trip in advance since it requires a permit, as well as a licensed tour guide to preserve this majestic location.

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