3 Journeys That Can Change Your Life

3 Journeys That Can Change Your Life

Journeys That Can Change Our Lives 2022-08-23 ParkingNearAirports.io
You'll probably agree with the fact that traveling overseas broadens our minds, makes us much more creative and helps us to boost our health and happiness if you're already in our blog. Despite travel's well-known advantages, there are still journeys that allow you to go the extra mile and get a unique experience, which will remain with you for a lifetime. If you wish to come back home as a different person, let's have a look at the 3 trips that will definitely change your life.

1. Hike the Inca Trail

Source – Shutterstock. Tourists hiking the Inca Classic Trail in Peru
Those that climb the Inca trail will never forget the moment they stand at Inti Punku, the Sun Gate, with that recognizable view in front of them. It is both a physical challenge and a spiritual adventure. Since Hiram Bingham rescued Machu Picchu's ruins from the encroaching jungle more than a century ago, the ancient city has captivated tourists. Many have proposed hypotheses over the years regarding the original intent of this famous Inca archaeological monument. Was it a university, a storeroom, or a royal retreat? You can think about the issue for yourself while you stroll through the grassy pathways that connect its stone chambers.

2. Rail Across Australia

Source – Shutterstock. Traveling across the Australian outback
It's easy to forget how small we are when traveling by train through Australia's wide landscapes. From Adelaide in the south to Darwin in the tropical north, the legendary Ghan travels the length of the state in 54 hours. Traveling 1851 miles? Stop in Alice Springs. From there, take a side trip to Uluru, a monolith that the Anangu people respect as the location of their ancestors' births. Return to the ship and travel to the Top End. It serves as a starting point for excursions to Kakadu and Nitmiluk National Parks, both of which provide breathtaking views.

3. Dive Belize's Blue Hole

Source – Shutterstock. The Great Blue Hole in Belize
The Blue Hole is marked by a stunning dark ultramarine circle that may be seen from the air. You have to be a skilled diver to view it from below. It has grown to be a popular diving destination ever since French explorer, scientist, and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau presented it to the globe in 1971. This collapsed sea cave is gloomy and ominous up close, with enormous stalactites and an abundance of marine life, including parrotfish and sharks.

Dear travelers, below you'll find some helpful travel tips for your next journey!

Source – Shutterstock. Balloon over Sydney Bay in the evening, Sydney, Australia
In addition to the ideas of where to travel to broaden your mind and gain a unique experience, we would like to convey some more useful information on traveling – it will be handy for those who prefer doing this by air.

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