Holiday Travel Season 2022-2023: The Department of Transportation Will Support You During Your Journey

Holiday Travel Season 2022-2023: The Department of Transportation Will Support You During Your Journey

Holidays 2022-12-06
More and more Americans are going on vacation again this year as our economy and families work to recover from the devastating effects of an ongoing pandemic. And it's nice to know that travel boosts both our morale and our economy.

There have been difficulties since that return, though. The summer saw a spike in flight cancellations and delays as airlines strained to meet demand. There is still a long way to go even if their on-time performance has significantly improved over the last six months.

At the Department of Transportation, workers have been concentrating on helping passengers, whether they're behind the wheel, boarding a train, or going to the airport, as Thanksgiving and Christmas are actually around the corner. There are a few things you should be aware of if you're one of those American passengers who plan to fly this holiday season.

Let's have a look at everything you need to know together.

The Department of Transportation upholds your legal rights

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The first and most crucial thing to remember is that you're entitled to a full cash refund if your flight is canceled for any reason. Airlines may offer you credits or miles in place of a refund, but if you request one, they're obligated by law to additionally cover any luggage fees and associated costs.

Just let the Department of Transportation know via its website if your airline refuses or fails to issue a refund. They have assisted travelers in recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in necessary refunds up to this point, and they will use every available resource to help you collect the money you're due.

The Department of Transportation encourages transparency so that you may make wise judgments

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It can be challenging to compare different airlines' customer care procedures because they aren't always clear. This makes it more difficult to compare prices when purchasing airline tickets. Because of this, the Department of Transportation has developed an Airline Customer Service Dashboard that enables you to quickly contrast the services that various airlines provide in the event of a cancellation or delay.

Finally, it puts more demand on airlines

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Flying has become simpler as a result of all these advancements. However, in addition to upholding the laws as they stand, the Department of Transportation is also developing additional regulations that will reinforce the safety net for travelers.

Because you shouldn't have to know the secret code to get your money back, they've proposed a rule that would strengthen protections for passengers who have to cancel flights due to a serious communicable disease like Covid-19 and require airlines to alert passengers to their right to a refund in advance.

Another idea the Department of Transportation has made would mandate that any additional expenses, such as those for luggage or seating with family members, be made clear up front so you can compare prices when purchasing tickets. A law that would mandate refunds when customers pay for services they don't receive, as when the in-flight Wi-Fi fails, has also been proposed.

Fears about what to hope for if your flight is canceled or delayed should be the last thing on your mind as you prepare to travel home for Thanksgiving, pack gifts for family members during Christmas, or prepare for a New Year's vacation.

Holiday travel should be something to look forward to because it's Transportation that allows us to spend the holidays with the ones we love the most. Because of this, they'll support you when you fly over the holidays.

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