5 Travel Myths Everyone Should Know About

5 Travel Myths Everyone Should Know About

Travel Myths 2023-03-09 ParkingNearAirports.io

It's no secret that there are a variety of travel-related tips available. However, the fact is that not all of it makes sense. Read this before using Google to study your upcoming vacation – the biggest travel myths are those mentioned below.

What should you keep in mind before taking your following journey?

1. To travel, you need to be wealthy.

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Be realistic about what you expect; travel doesn't have to be pricey. Subscribe to the newsletters of low-cost airlines or long-distance transport companies to get first dibs on those special offer rates. Additionally, lodging doesn't have to be as expensive as you might anticipate. You'll be astonished at how little you have to spend if you reserve a room in a hostel, set up camp, or go through Airbnb listings. Moreover, while you're there, explore the area's free attractions and think about getting lunch at the local supermarket rather than a posh cafe.

2. Solo travel is boring.

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Solo travel doesn't need to be a lonely experience if you enjoy being by yourself. To prevent feeling at a loss for what to do, test yourself on a small respite first and organize your schedule in advance. When you want some company, sign up for a group activity or a day trip; pick a good social activity like a cooking or dance class. When you require a familiar voice, you can connect easily thanks to mobile phones and social media because they have made it simpler to stay in touch with family and friends back home.

3. Learning the native language isn't vital.

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This is right in theory. With body language and a talent for miming, you can survive anywhere. Using a translation tool or pointing to a phrase in a book might be helpful, but learning a little of the language yourself will help you get the most out of your journey. You can actually open doors for yourself with even a simple greeting.

4. It's simple to avoid jet lag.

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If only that were real! Yes, there are several things you can take to lessen your chance of succumbing to jet lag. Adjust your meal times to coincide with your destination, drink a lot of water on the plane (not wine!) to stay hydrated, and try to get some sleep when it will be dark outside when you arrive. But regrettably, there is no assurance that it will. Sometimes, no matter what you do, jet lag still makes you sleepy.

5. You'll get ill if you eat street meals.

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Frequently, this is the absolute opposite. Where street food is prepared upon order, you may chow down with confidence knowing that it hasn't been scavenged by cockroaches, flies, or worse in a shady kitchen you can't check. But when it comes to seafood and other uncertain menu items, be cautious. The greatest food is fresh, so stay away from items that have been lying out for several hours.

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Most people suppose that parking at the airport is the fastest and most convenient option for them. However, it's not actually true. We'll explain to you why.

To be true, being in a terminal parking lot isn't convenient at all. Although on-site airport parking is the nearest place where you can leave your vehicle for the period of a trip, you can face the following difficulties:

  • You will need to find a spot in a crowded lot,
  • You will need to carry the luggage all the way through the parking lot,
  • You must pay expensive fees without great service.

Sounds not good, right? However, we found an excellent solution for you – in this case, off-site parking can become a savior for you. So if you're trying to find a parking spot with great service nearby the airport you're flying from and don't want to leave there the most significant part of your budget, pay attention to this option.

How does it work?

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Obviously, people who chose a car as a way to get to the airport want to leave their vehicle safely while traveling and not to face the problems we described above. So what can off-site airport parking offer its customers?

Although a few miles usually separate such parking from the airport, you shouldn't worry about this. Off-site parking provides free shuttles going back and forth between the parking lot and the airport. Thanks to this, it removes any worries about getting stuck in traffic on the way to the airport during peak times. So all you need to do is choose the best time for you and inform the parking lot staff.

How does it work? Actually, everything is straightforward: when you come to the entrance, the staff will remove your luggage from your car and load it onto the shuttle, which will take you and your bags to the terminal. Then, the vehicle will be parked securely.

In addition, this type of parking is much cheaper, and this is good news, as nobody wants to waste money. Therefore, off-site parking is the perfect option to receive excellent service and save money at the same time.

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