Beyond the Cliché: How to Capture Unique Travel Moments to Cherish Forever?

Beyond the Cliché: How to Capture Unique Travel Moments to Cherish Forever?

Travel Photos & Memories 2023-05-28

People often take cliché travel photos because they want to capture a moment in time that they can remember forever. Additionally, they may feel pressured to take certain photos because they see others doing it or because they feel like it's expected of them.

While cliché travel photos may be popular, they don't necessarily capture the true essence of the place or experience. Avoiding cliché photos can help you create more unique and memorable memories of your travels. Today, we'll tell you about how you can capture all your special travel moments to cherish forever. Let's get to the point!

What are those cliché travel photos you should avoid?

1. The selfie

Source: Steve Gale/Unsplash

A selfie is a photograph that someone takes of themselves using their phone or camera.

Selfies have become a cliché travel photo because they're so common and often don't capture anything unique about the place or experience.

Instead of taking a selfie, consider asking a stranger to take a photo of you, taking a photo of your surroundings, or capturing a candid moment with your travel companions.

2. The "hold up the tower/building" pose

Source: Lance Reis/Unsplash

The "hold up the tower/building" pose involves standing in front of a landmark or building and holding your hand up as if you're holding it up.

The pose has become cliché because it's overused and doesn't offer any unique perspective on the landmark or building.

Instead of holding up the building or landmark, consider taking a photo of the building or landmark from a different angle, incorporating yourself or your travel companions into the shot in a more creative way, or capturing a moment that shows your personal connection to the place.

3. The jumping shot

Source: ulziibayar badamdorj/Unsplash

The jumping shot involves jumping in the air while someone takes a photo of you.

The jumping shot has become cliché because it's so commonly done and doesn't offer anything unique or meaningful to the travel experience.

Instead of taking a jumping shot, consider taking a more candid photo of you or your travel companions enjoying the experience, capturing a moment that tells a story about the place, or taking a photo of a unique detail or aspect of the location.

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Source: Kawin Harasai/Unsplash

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Source: Ali Abdul Rahman/Unsplash

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