Vacation Tipping: Who You Should and Shouldn't Tip

Vacation Tipping: Who You Should and Shouldn't Tip

Tipping Culture 2023-07-05

When traveling to new destinations, understanding the local customs and etiquette is essential, including knowing when and who to tip. Tipping practices can vary widely from one country to another, and it's crucial to navigate these customs respectfully. To help you navigate the tipping landscape, we've divided it into two main sections: "Tip" and "Don't Tip." Read on to discover who you should consider tipping and those you can skip when on vacation. Let's get to the point!


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  • Restaurant servers. In many countries, tipping restaurant servers is customary. The standard tip ranges from 10% to 20% of the total bill, depending on the level of service received. However, it's essential to research the tipping customs of the specific country you're visiting, as some places may include a service charge in the bill or have different tipping norms.
  • Hotel staff. Hotel tipping practices can vary, so it's advisable to tip certain staff members who provide direct services. Bellhops who assist with luggage usually receive a small tip, and housekeeping staff often appreciate a gratuity left in the hotel room each day. Additionally, if a concierge goes above and beyond to assist you during your stay, a tip is a thoughtful gesture.
  • Tour guides and drivers. When participating in guided tours or using the services of drivers, it's common to tip these individuals. The amount can vary based on the length of the tour, the level of service provided, and the destination. Research the tipping norms in the specific country to ensure your gesture is appropriate.

Don't Tip

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  • Public transportation. In many countries, tipping public transportation drivers, such as bus drivers or subway operators, is not expected. The fare paid for the ticket is considered sufficient, and tipping may be uncommon or even frowned upon.
  • Retail and shopping. Tipping is typically not required or expected when shopping for goods. Retail store employees generally do not expect tips for their service. However, if you receive exceptional service from a personal shopper or a store employee goes out of their way to assist you, a small token of appreciation can be a nice gesture.
  • Fast food and counter service. Tipping is generally not expected in fast food establishments or places where you order at a counter and receive your food without table service. However, if you encounter a tip jar at the counter and wish to show your appreciation for good service, a small tip is always appreciated.

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