Snooze Anywhere: Practical Tips for Effortless Zzz's

Snooze Anywhere: Practical Tips for Effortless Zzz's

Travel Tips 2023-07-31

Travelers frequently face the challenge of getting quality sleep in unfamiliar and uncomfortable settings. Whether it's a crowded airplane seat, a noisy hostel dorm, or an airport bench, lack of sleep can disrupt travel plans. Discover how to achieve restful sleep anywhere, be it during a long flight, an overnight train journey, or a cross-country bus ride. Let's get to the point!

Here's how to sleep anywhere like a pro!

1. Be prepared for sleep

Create a sleep-friendly environment by assembling a kit of sleep accessories. Combat light pollution with an eye mask or upgrade to a weighted sleep mask for added comfort. Bring along a neck pillow to support your head during bumpy rides. Opt for lightweight and compact products, so you can easily carry your sleep kit wherever you go.

2. Establish a consistent routine

Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule can enhance your ability to fall asleep in unfamiliar places. Adjust to a new time zone quickly by going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. When traveling overnight, incorporate elements of your routine, such as brushing your teeth, to signal your body that it's bedtime.

3. Relaxation before bed

Traveling can be stressful, with various tasks and concerns occupying your mind. To unwind, write down any pending tasks on a notepad and address them in the morning. Engage in a pre-sleep ritual, such as gentle stretching, reading for 10 minutes, or taking a hot shower, to relax your body and prepare it for sleep mode.

4. Prioritize comfort

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Trying to sleep in clothes you've been wearing all day can be uncomfortable. When traveling between destinations, opt for loose and comfortable clothing. Wear stretchy yoga pants paired with a cozy sweater that can be easily adjusted based on the temperature of buses or other environments where you're trying to fall asleep.

5. Bring familiar items

Surrounding yourself with familiar objects from home can create a sense of comfort and help you fall asleep more easily. Pack your favorite pillowcase to use at your hotel, or bring along your preferred brand of sleepy time tea to enjoy before bed. Consider bringing a travel candle (flameless) or a scented spray/hand cream with your favorite relaxing scent to recreate a soothing atmosphere in your hotel room.

6. Give your feet a break

During long journeys between destinations, prioritize comfort by swapping your shoes for warm and cozy socks. This allows you to relax and easily fall asleep. To prevent swelling, give your feet a gentle massage and take short walks to promote circulation, especially during flights.

7. Block out unwanted noise

Unwanted noise can disrupt your sleep, whether it's noisy neighbors in a hotel or a roommate in a shared dorm. If you're a light sleeper, pack earplugs to minimize external sounds. Alternatively, create a peaceful environment by downloading soothing music or sleep sounds on Spotify, using the bathroom fan to mask city traffic noise in your hotel room, or playing ambient background noises on your phone.

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