Must-See in France: 5 Incredible Fall 2023 Events and Openings!

Must-See in France: 5 Incredible Fall 2023 Events and Openings!

World Events 2023-08-16

Mark your calendars now because the fall of 2023 will be exciting! This travel guide will provide you with a carefully picked selection of five remarkable experiences in France that will make your fall unforgettable, ranging from exciting events to eagerly awaited openings. There is something here for everyone, regardless of your interests in culture, gastronomy, or adventure. Prepare to experience all that fall 2023 has to offer by adding these outstanding French events and openings to your must-see list. Let's get to the point!

What special events await you this fall?

1. The Rugby World Cup: from September 8th to October 28th

France is set to host the 10th Rugby World Cup, where twenty teams from five continents will compete for the William Webb Ellis trophy. Teams like South Africa, England, New Zealand, Japan, and France are confirmed participants. The tournament will be held in ten host cities, including Bordeaux, Lyon, and Paris, with the championship game at Stade de France.

2. Mont Saint-Michel monastic millennium celebration: September 25th

With its construction dating back to 1023, the abbatial church of Mont Saint-Michel has a rich history. As spring arrives, this iconic site will provide a spectacular backdrop for a special exhibition showcasing the recently discovered liturgical artifacts, known as the "treasure" of Mont Saint-Michel. The millennium mass, scheduled for September 29, will be graced by the presence of Cardinal Martin, the Archbishop of Rouen, further adding to the significance of this event. The Mont Saint-Michel, still home to a monastic order, remains a captivating destination for visitors.

3. Driving World Championship for pairs in Orne: from September 27th to October 1st

Source: Mikayla Storms/Unsplash

The prestigious World Championship of Two Horses Driving will take place at the newly constructed facilities of Haras du Pin in Orne. This thrilling tournament, featuring training arenas, restaurants, and lodging, is a precursor to the return of the One Horse Driving World Championship in 2024, which previously took place at the same venue. With its promise of exhilarating moments and intense emotions, this championship is poised to captivate equestrian enthusiasts and spectators alike.

4. Start of the 16th Transat Jacques Vabre: October 29th

The Trans-Atlantic Race, the longest of its kind, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Departing from Le Havre and heading towards Martinique for the second consecutive year, this race is set to break records. Participants will aim to achieve the fastest 15-day passage to Fort-de-France on the longest track in the race's history, which features strategically placed beacons in the South Atlantic to ensure the safety of the competitors.

5. A Cité Muséale (Museum City) in Château-Chinon: Fall 2023

The Museum of François Mitterrand's seven-year term, located in the historic 18th-century convent of Sainte-Claire, is undergoing a remarkable revitalization project. The department and community of communes Morvan have entrusted the esteemed architecture agency Patrick Mauger with the task of transforming the museum. This redevelopment includes merging it with the Musée du Costume (Costume Museum) and the Maison du Morvan (House of Morvan) to create the Museum City (Cité Muséale) of Château-Chinon. The revitalization plan encompasses approximately 4,100 square meters of functional spaces, including exhibition areas, storage facilities, offices, a conference hall, workshops, and reception and storage areas. Additionally, around 4,300 square meters of gardens will be fully reorganized to complement the museum's overall aesthetic and visitor experience.

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