Tourist Dos and Don'ts: 5 Rules to Remember

Tourist Dos and Don'ts: 5 Rules to Remember

Travel Rules 2023-09-19

When exploring new destinations, there are numerous unspoken travel rules and etiquette norms to follow. However, there are even more crucial rules that tourists sometimes overlook. Breaking these rules could lead to serious trouble with locals and, in some cases, even law enforcement. Here are 5 rules that you should never disregard as a tourist. Let's take a closer look at them together!

So what should every tourist bear in mind while traveling?

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1. Put on sensible shoes

While making a fashion statement during your travels is understandable, wearing heels might lead to bigger issues than just blisters. In Greece, wearing high heels while visiting ancient sites, like the Parthenon and the Acropolis, is against the law. Many Asian temples require you to remove your shoes before entering. Opt for sneakers, easy to slip off and prevent both sprained ankles and potential citations.

2. Avoid losing your shirt

After swimming where it's allowed, avoid assuming you can walk around shirtless or in just a bikini top. In certain places like Barcelona, Spain, you might face fines or bans for not wearing a shirt in public areas. Keep an extra set of dry clothes in your beach bag for after your sun and surf time.

3. Choose your drinks and snacks carelessly

Exploring can make you hungry, but think twice before eating, drinking, or chewing gum while you're out. In Singapore, importing chewing gum is illegal. In Rome, eating is prohibited near tourist attractions, and putting your mouth on drinking fountains can result in fines. Similar rules apply to ancient historical sites in Greece. Also, be cautious not to bring pork products to the Maldives, as it's a predominantly Muslim country.

4. Nix the PDA

If you're visiting Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, refrain from public displays of affection. The decency laws in the UAE prohibit kissing, touching, and even hand-holding in public spaces, with potential consequences ranging from fines to imprisonment.

5. Buy souvenirs smartly

Finding the perfect souvenir to remind you of your journey can be a challenge. While collecting postcards or keychains is common, be cautious when venturing beyond souvenir stalls. Most places have laws against taking natural items from the environment, such as sand, seashells, rocks, and plants. Violating these laws, like removing sand from a beach in Sardinia, can lead to legal consequences. These rules apply globally, from US National Parks to beaches and mountains worldwide.

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