The Demanding Mayor of New York or How LaGuardia Airport Was Created

The Demanding Mayor of New York or How LaGuardia Airport Was Created

Airports 2021-06-17
LaGuardia Airport is a place with a long history that serves an important function. A couple of years ago, people didn't have the best opinion of this airport, but things changed, including LaGuardia. So here's a look back at what it was and what it is today.

The story of LaGuardia Airport began before it was even built and before the architectural design of the place was even created. The destiny of the airport was decided by an incident that happened back in 1934. As you can see, the airport was named after the person who had caused it to be built. It is about Fiorello LaGuardia, who at the time was the New York City Mayor. This distinguished man flew a plane from Pittsburgh and landed at Newark airport, part of New Jersey. The mayor of New York City was angered because his plane did not arrive at New York City, although it was listed on the ticket. Fiorello LaGuardia refused to get off the plane because he thought he should be taken to the city indicated on the ticket. The airline was forced to make another flight to a private airfield in Brooklyn to resolve the conflict. After such a trip, the mayor of LaGuardia expressed the opinion that New York needed a new airport. With this amusing incident, the construction of LaGuardia Airport, which was the busiest and most exciting airport, is connected.

As early as 1937, construction began on the airport, which was later named after Fiorello LaGuardia. It was decided to build the structure on Rikers Island, where previously there had been a private airfield. Thus, in just two years, the oldest commercial airport was created in the vast city of New York. The airport itself consists of four terminals. LaGuardia Airport's two runways are 7,000 feet long.

However, there are peculiarities of operation here. For example, the airport does not have its own immigration service. That is why you very rarely see international flights. Among these international flights, you can only see flights from Canada and the Caribbean Islands. However, despite this, the airport is bustling because of the local flights. LaGuardia carries more than 20 million passengers a year. That said, there is another strange rule here. If a flight is more than 1,500 miles, it is not accepted at the airport. There are only two exceptions to this rule. If your flight is from Denver or your flight is on a Saturday, the airport will accept you.

Because the LaGuardia building is ancient, it was not up to modern standards. The airport even made the list of the worst airports in the world. After that, the decision was made to renovate the building. So in the fall of 2021, it is planned to finish the construction and reconstruction of the new airport building. Now you can see almost all the changes when you visit LaGuardia.

Among the new exciting attractions here, you can find a stunning fountain. Its height is 25 feet. It has a unique mechanism that makes different patterns out of the water. There is beautiful lighting, as well as unique videos that tell a story.

Also, you will not be left indifferent when you see all the brightness of the new colors at the airport. This time the LaGuardia Airport Authority decided to make the inside of the building as original as possible. So as you walk around the airport, you will have the impression of being in a modern art museum. The new facility is very different from what you had before. That is why you should visit this airport.

However, even though LaGuardia airport is one of the busiest, it is one of the airports that are difficult to get to. Therefore, the easiest way to get to the place is to use a car. You can order yourself a cab. But be sure that this trip will cost you a lot of money. Therefore, the most convenient way is to drive your car. You can leave your vehicle in long-term parking, and after returning to the city, you can get home comfortably and quickly. However, parking LGA is quite expensive, so you have a great alternative. If you are interested in cheap parking LaGuardia, you should look at our website near the airport. These are convenient and reliable parking lots where you can leave your car for the time of departure. Such parking is located very close to the airport. To get to the plane, you can use the bus.

This is such a fascinating history of this place. LaGuardia Airport has had its ups and downs, but it will always be remembered in history as one of the significant buildings.