4 Tempting International Delicacies You Must Experience

4 Tempting International Delicacies You Must Experience

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When we travel, we have the opportunity to experience unfamiliar situations and cultures that are very different from our own at home. One of the best ways to do this is by exploring the traditional food of the country we're visiting. Whether it's comforting and satisfying dishes, bizarre and unusual options, or even thrilling and spine-chilling delicacies, we believe that you should definitely try these 4 unique foods. So prepare yourself for an overwhelming sensory experience!

What's the story behind these unusual global delicacies?

1. Bunny chow, South Africa

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The bunny chow is a sandwich variation that has been in existence since the 1940s. In simple terms, it's a quarter loaf of bread that has been hollowed out and filled with a curry made from beans, chicken, or lamb. There are various theories regarding its origins, one of which suggests that it was created for Indian laborers in Durban during the Apartheid era. These workers were not allowed to enter restaurants, so they would order roti and beans to go, but the roti would often fall apart. As a solution, a creative owner of a takeaway establishment started using loaves of bread to hold the curries instead. Whether you choose to enjoy your bunny chow at a restaurant or a takeaway, don't forget to eat it using your hands.

2. Cuy, Peru

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If you're a bit sensitive, then this traditional food from Peru might not be suitable for you. Cuy, pronounced as "kwee," is a guinea pig served whole on a plate, complete with its ears, feet, teeth, and everything else that you wouldn't normally consider eating. You can try the cuy al palo (spit-roasted guinea pig) or cuy chactado (deep-fried guinea pig) and eat it using your hands, just like the people in the Andes have been doing for thousands of years. This delicacy is so beloved in Peru that it even has its own public holiday in October. You can also find it when traveling in Bolivia and Ecuador.

3. Kopi luwak, Indonesia

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If you're someone who craves a daily dose of caffeine, then in Indonesia, you have the opportunity to indulge in a cup of Joe made from some of the most expensive coffee beans in the world. But what makes them so extraordinary? It all comes down to the unique way in which farmers gather these beans. Palm civet cats, also known as luwaks, consume the coffee berries and then excrete the intact seeds. This is why it's often referred to as "cat poop coffee." According to legend, these cats are discerning creatures and only dine on the finest and ripest berries. However, obtaining this aromatic bean will come at a significant cost, as a pound of it can sell for over $100.

4. Lutefisk, Sweden and Norway

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Scandinavians have a great fondness for consuming fish, and one particular dish that holds a special place in their culinary culture is lutefisk. This Nordic classic emerged during the Viking era and owes its unique texture to a specific preparation method. To create lutefisk, a whitefish is first immersed in water for approximately 5-6 days, followed by a 2-day soak in lye, also known as sodium hydroxide. Afterward, the fish is once again soaked in water for 4-6 days. Finally, it's coated with a layer of salt and either steamed or baked. If you ever have the opportunity to partake in a Swedish or Norwegian Christmas celebration, you are likely to encounter lutefisk as part of the lavish julbord, or Yuletide buffet.

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