Jet Lag Syndrome or How to Stay Awake after a Long Flight

Jet Lag Syndrome or How to Stay Awake after a Long Flight

Travel Tips 2021-06-22

Everyone who has ever flown on an airplane has experienced such a phenomenon as jet lag. This word is a description of malaise and failure of regimen after a flight. The longer your flight and the more your time zone has changed, the more significant the effects will be. Do not worry if this unpleasant condition is familiar to you, and it is a normal reaction of the human body. Below you can read a few tips that will minimize the adverse effects of flying. This article will be helpful both for those who are frequent visitors at the airport, as well as for those who are going to fly for the first time.

To feel good after arrival, you should take the necessary measures in advance. Start with your diet. At least a day, try to normalize your diet and not to overeat. Normal digestion helps to avoid unpleasant stomach upsets. You should also take care of your skin beforehand and start moisturizing. Start actively moisturizing problem areas about a week before your flight. By taking this precaution, you can avoid drying out your skin during the flight. You may encounter such a problem because the air on a plane is dehydrated. Also, you should know that you should not take measures to moisturize your skin during the flight. It will have the opposite effect.

Immediately on the plane and before the flight, try not to drink alcohol and eat very salty food. Both of these products contribute to the accumulation of fluid in the body and the appearance of edema. If you neglect these simple recommendations, it is quite possible that you will not be able to put on your shoes or sneakers before landing. If you are prone to swollen feet, you should buy compression socks in advance. These socks improve blood circulation, so your feet do not swell.

Try to get a good night's sleep before and on the plane. Your fatigue after arrival can be one of the main problems. The most important recommendation is not to go to bed if you arrive in the morning or afternoon. If you decide to lie down for a while, you'll end up permanently disrupting your sleep patterns and not be able to get into the rhythm of the place you flew to. We recommend that you take a shower after your arrival, take a walk in the park and get some rest. Only in the evening should you go to bed. This way, you can get up the following day at about the same time you get up at home. Also, just before you go to sleep, try to minimize contact with the phone and computer. These devices activate the nervous system, and later it will be more difficult for you to fall asleep.

You can prepare your brain in advance for a change of time zone. A couple of days before you travel, reset your watch to the new time. This way, you can prepare your mind for the time change.

If you fly often, you probably have a small set of things that make your flight as comfortable as possible. However, if you don't have such a life-saving suitcase, it's worth putting it together. Take with you a small blanket and a comfortable pillow under your head. If your flight is long, you can download to your mobile device an audiobook or another recording that makes you sleepy. It is best not to resort to unnecessary sleeping pills.

During the flight, try to step into the aisle between the seats a couple of times and walk. This allows you to stretch your muscles and back. Professionals use this simple technique. Flight attendants say that such a little mobility will enable you to stay energetic and not so tired.

Also, determine in advance if you're flying west or east. This will determine in which direction the time will change. If you're flying east a couple of days before the flight, go to bed and get up a little earlier. The opposite is true if you are flying west. That way, the time difference will barely affect you when you're in a different place.

If you have the option to choose your arrival time at your destination, by all means, do so. The best option is if you land in another country or city in the evening. This way, you will have the opportunity to drive safely to your hotel and go straight to bed after showering. This is the best option because then you do not have to walk around the city all day.

If you have serious health problems, then before you fly, ask your doctor and clarify whether you can fly at all. Also, you can alert the flight attendant before your flight and tell her where you have your medications so that you can be helped in an emergency.

You have to think about the road to the airport. The most comfortable way to travel to and from the airport is undoubtedly your car. By using this mode of transport to get to the airport, you can reduce the travel time. Thus, you will need to leave the car at the airport parking. To reduce your parking expenses, especially if you are going for a long time, you can use cheap airport parking services which are located near the airport. This parking lot is very close to the airport, where you can get a free bus ride in 10-15 minutes. It is an excellent alternative to airport car parking because such parking is several times cheaper and equal in quality of service.

Travel with comfort and always think through your trips in advance. This is how you can make the journey positive and with minimal damage from the flight.