Getting from LAX to Disneyland – 2024 Helpful Tips

Getting from LAX to Disneyland – 2024 Helpful Tips

Travel Tips 2024-03-19

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), known as one of the largest airports globally, serves as the primary airport for travelers heading to Disneyland Resort California. While John Wayne Airport (SNA) is the nearest airport to Disneyland, LAX offers numerous advantages, despite being approximately 40 miles away from Anaheim where Disneyland is located.

LAX accommodates a wide range of major airlines, providing travelers with various flight options to fit their schedules. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for visitors aiming to maximize their time at the park before departing in the evening.

The airport has witnessed a significant surge in passenger traffic, with a notable 37.75% increase from January 2022 to January 2023. This growth showcases LAX's enduring appeal, highlighting its diverse flight offerings and competitive pricing.

To ensure a smooth journey from LAX to Disneyland, check out this ultimate travel guide. Discover tips on navigating the airport, exploring various transportation options – from the fastest to the most budget-friendly, learning about activities at the park, and more. Let's dive in!

Getting around LAX Airport

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It can be challenging to figure out how to travel from LAX to Disneyland, especially with the ongoing construction at LAX, which includes the addition of a train, transit station, more parking, and terminal upgrades. To alleviate traffic congestion, pickup locations for taxis and rideshares have been relocated to the LAX-it lot. LAX-it functions as a transportation system and waiting area implemented to enhance the efficiency of passenger pickups. If you're being dropped off at the airport, you won't need to use LAX-it; your ride or taxi can drop you off directly at your terminal. Keep in mind that LAX-it is intended for departing passengers, hence why it's pronounced "LA Exit."

LAX-it is conveniently situated near Terminal 1, and for other terminals, a shuttle service is available to transport you there. Look for the green LAX-it signs outside the Baggage Claim area on the Lower/Arrivals Level and wait there to catch the shuttle. The shuttles operate every 7 minutes, and the journey to LAX-it typically lasts about 15-20 minutes. At LAX-it, you can access rideshares and taxis for your onward journey.

Using public transportation and bus to go from LAX to Disneyland

Traveling from LAX to Disneyland using public transportation isn't as simple as taking a direct route. One option is utilizing the Los Angeles Metro System, which includes buses and trains. Although this choice is the most cost-effective, it can be time-consuming, possibly requiring several hours. It might not be the most convenient option, especially if you have luggage or children due to the multiple connections involved.

Here's the process:

  1. Upon exiting the Baggage Claim area at LAX, head to the Lower/Arrival Level and locate a pink LAX Shuttle sign to catch a shuttle going to the Aviation Station.
  2. At the Aviation Station, acquire a TAP card from a kiosk for train usage. Board the Metro Rail Green line heading east to Norwalk.
  3. Upon arrival at Norwalk Station, transfer to Line 460, a bus that will take you to Disneyland.

A TAP card costs $2, plus your fare, with the regular fare being $1.75. This fare allows unlimited transfers in one direction within two hours.

It's essential to consider that both the metro and the bus will make various stops, elongating the journey duration. With all the transfers, expect the trip to last around 2-3 hours. While this option is budget-friendly, it could be exhausting, making it less than ideal for traveling from LAX to Disneyland.

Shuttle service from LAX to Disneyland

Shuttle services can take you from LAX to Disneyland at starting prices around $17. Factors like your group size and luggage will influence your choice of shuttle. Keep in mind you may share the shuttle with others and space can be limited. It's wise to compare rates before booking to find the most economical option. Expect some wait time as the shuttle picks up passengers and stops at hotels. For the return trip, reserve your shuttle in advance, especially if you have time constraints. Journey duration varies from one to two hours, depending on traffic and passenger stops.

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Taking a taxi from LAX to Disneyland

Taxis offer another transportation choice for getting from Los Angeles Airport to Disneyland. Taxis can be located at various spots, such as LAX-it (adjacent to Terminal 1), within Parking Structure 3 between Tom Bradley International Terminal (Terminal B) and Terminal 3, and toward the end of Terminal 7 by the Baggage Claim area. The typical fare for a taxi trip from LAX to Disneyland is approximately $100 or higher. The drive ideally lasts around 35 minutes, but during heavy traffic, it could extend to 90 minutes. Remember that Los Angeles is notorious for its traffic, leading to usual delays, particularly during peak hours.

Ideal timing for a Disneyland trip

Before planning your journey from LAX to Disneyland, it's important to determine your arrival time. Deciding on the most suitable time to visit Disneyland can be influenced by various factors. Los Angeles is well-known for its heavy traffic, especially during weekday rush hours, so it's recommended to avoid these peak periods if possible. When choosing between weekdays and weekends for your Disneyland adventure, the decision ultimately depends on your schedule, traffic conditions, and your preferred park experience. Opting for a visit midweek as opposed to the weekend can significantly decrease your queue times, allowing you to make the most of the rides and attractions.

Moreover, while Disneyland is a terrific destination all year round, it's crucial to be mindful of peak seasons, which can result in delays. Summer months are typically bustling, and the holiday season in November and December sees a surge in visitors, especially when the park is festively decorated and kids are on vacation. Conversely, off-peak months like September, October, and the period between New Year's and summer tend to have fewer crowds.

For a more pleasant visit, especially if you're driving, consider arriving at the park shortly after the morning rush but before 10 a.m. During this time, you're likely to encounter fewer guests, making it easier to secure a parking spot and catch the tram to the park entrance.

Activities to enjoy at Disneyland

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There are many enjoyable experiences awaiting you at Disneyland, catering to visitors of all ages, whether you're accompanied by young children, older children, your partner, or a group of friends. Disneyland boasts two unique yet adjacent theme parks: Disneyland and California Adventure Park. To access both parks, a special park hopper pass is required. While the rides are the primary attraction in these parks, there are also a plethora of other entertaining activities available. Meeting your beloved Disney characters is a must, with various shows and parades taking place throughout the day in both parks, culminating in a spectacular fireworks show in the evening. Apart from the parks, you can wander around Downtown Disney, a renowned street nestled between the two parks that features Disney-themed shops and an array of restaurants catering to every palate.

Hassle-free parking, happy travels: elevate your journey with us –!

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You might be surprised about this fact because most people are confident that on-site parking is the best choice when you're traveling by air. But, actually, it's not true, and we'll explain why.

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  • You will need to find a spot in a crowded lot,
  • You will need to carry the luggage all the way through the parking lot,
  • You must pay expensive fees without great service, and much more.

Sounds not so good, right? But there is one great solution in this situation – an off-site parking option!

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  • Thirdly, it's much more convenient. No more worries about being late to the airport and your flight – the off-site parking is a hassle-free option that is usually faster. Since you use the services of a private company, people want to be sure you're satisfied with the quality and comfort of the services provided, so you don't need to wrack your brain about the quick path to the airport anymore.

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