A Complete Guide to Clear Plus Airport Security: Understanding the Process and Eligible Locations

A Complete Guide to Clear Plus Airport Security: Understanding the Process and Eligible Locations

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Getting around airports can seem overwhelming, especially when dealing with long security queues. Clear, with its advanced biometric technology, offers a quick way to verify identity through fingerprint or iris scans. Available at 71 locations throughout the United States, including airports, arenas, and stadiums, this service comes with a fee at airports but is free at other venues. In addition, Clear Plus membership provides extra benefits, such as expedited airport security procedures.

In the following breakdown, we outline all you need to understand Clear's operations, covering complimentary access at stadiums and arenas and the enhanced Clear Plus membership that streamlines security line waiting times at airports. Let's dive in!

So what information should travelers be aware of regarding Clear Plus before signing up?

What is Clear?

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Clear employs biometric scanning technology for a hassle-free airport experience, eliminating the need for long queues and tedious ID checks. By utilizing fingerprints and iris scans, travelers can swiftly confirm their identity and proceed to security screening without delays. This convenient service extends to certain US venues, stadiums, car rental facilities, and even LinkedIn verification. While signing up is complimentary, opting for Clear Plus membership is necessary for skipping the standard airport ID verification process.

How does Clear Plus enhance the airport experience?

In the terminal, Clear Plus members have access to exclusive lanes staffed by Clear Ambassadors who will assist you in scanning either your fingerprint or eye along with your boarding pass. Following this, you will be escorted to the front of the security screening queue by a TSA agent without the need to present a boarding pass or ID.

How does RESERVE powered by Clear function?

If you opt out of paying for the enhanced Clear Plus membership yet desire to expedite your airport experience, RESERVE powered by Clear allows you to book a spot in the security line for a group of up to 10 individuals to simplify the process. This complimentary feature is accessible at specific airports, such as Denver, Los Angeles, New York, and 16 additional locations. Please be aware that it doesn't provide entry to the privileged Clear Plus lane, which is reserved for members with paid subscriptions.

How does Clear facilitate travel everywhere else?

Certain stadiums offer a dedicated Clear lane for quicker entry, with members undergoing bag checks. Through a collaboration with Major League Baseball, Clear members can access biometric ticketing, eliminating the need for physical or mobile tickets. Lumen Field in Seattle has leveraged Clear for age validation and payment processing at concession stands, a service that will be expanded to more venues in the future.

What airports offer Clear Plus services?

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The paid service known as Clear Plus is now available at various airports throughout the United States, such as Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD), Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), San Francisco International Airport (SFO), and several more.

Which sports venues utilize Clear for entry?

Service that's easily accessible is offered at various stadiums and arenas across cities like Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington, DC, including venues like State Farm Arena, Coors Field, T-Mobile Arena, Allegiant Stadium, and SoFi Stadium.

Where might Clear expand in the future?

The company is currently exploring the possibility of introducing additional locations where the identification service can be used instead of cash, credit cards, and physical forms of identification. This is especially relevant for activities, such as hotel check-ins, booking rental cars, and shopping.

What is the cost of Clear membership?

You can create a free RESERVE powered by Clear account for stadium and car service access, or get a Clear Plus membership for airport benefits at $189/year. Adding up to three members costs $70 more annually; children under 18 enter for free. Delta SkyMiles members get Clear Plus discounts, with certain tiers enjoying complimentary access or discounted rates. United Premier members receive complimentary or discounted Clear Plus, while Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members can earn miles for joining and renewing Clear Plus membership.

Who qualifies for Clear enrollment?

To qualify for Clear, applicants must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid and unaltered photo identification, such as a US driver's license, US passport, US passport card, US-issued permanent resident card, state-issued ID, US military ID, or Global Entry card.

How to sign up for Clear membership

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Registering for a free Clear membership only takes five minutes, and you can immediately start using its lanes once you finish the enrollment process.

If you're signing up for Clear Plus at the airport, a Clear Ambassador will verify your ID (acceptable types are indicated above) and collect your biometrics (fingerprint, eye scan, and facial photo) to set up your profile. You will also need to respond to a few questions to confirm your identity and provide payment details. Although you can initiate the process online, you must visit a physical Clear location to finalize it.

Is there a trial period available for Clear Plus?

Clear is offering a special offer on their website for new users, providing them with a free two-month trial. To take advantage of this offer, simply register online and complete your membership at a Clear airport location before your next trip. Make sure to have a valid government-issued photo ID with you for verification. It's important to remember that after the trial period, the standard $189 annual fee will be charged. Also, there is no option to extend the trial if you don't end up traveling, so it's best to use it when you have upcoming plans.

Which credit cards include Clear Plus membership benefits?

There are four credit cards with a $189 annual statement credit for Clear Plus sign-up fee: American Express Green Card, Platinum Card, Business Platinum Card, and Centurion Black Card. Platinum and Business Platinum also offer a $100 statement credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. Delta and United co-branded credit cards offer discounted Clear Plus membership.

How does Clear Plus differ from TSA PreCheck?

Both Clear Plus and PreCheck help navigate airports faster. Clear Plus members use a dedicated lane for ID verification, then seamlessly transition to PreCheck for a hassle-free security screening experience, saving time and bypassing certain security procedures with a combined membership option.

Understanding the variances between Clear Plus and Global Entry

For frequent international travelers, Global Entry is a must-have service that expedites your entry back to the US, bypassing customs lines. It's beneficial for quick connections to your final destination. Despite the detailed registration process, which includes creating an account, paying a $100 fee, and an interview, membership lasts five years. Clear Plus is for departing US airports, while Global Entry is for returning to the US.

When is a Clear membership considered valuable?

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If you're tired of looking for your ID, the Clear service can assist you in quickly passing security checks at various locations, such as venues, rental car counters, and airports. Opting for Clear Plus is advisable for those who travel frequently.

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