Vrbo Shares the Best Time to Reserve Your Summer Holiday Vacation Rental

Vrbo Shares the Best Time to Reserve Your Summer Holiday Vacation Rental

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The company offers recommendations on the optimal timing to make reservations for the upcoming Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day holidays.

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The summer vacation season is just around the corner, and for those planning to book a vacation rental, now is the time to start making arrangements.

Private vacation rentals tend to get booked up faster than other types of accommodations, according to data from Vrbo. While the recommended booking deadlines are about a week later than last year, the best rental options are still going quickly.

Vrbo travel expert Melanie Fish advises that if you're looking to book a private vacation rental for summer or another major travel period, you should do so by Vrbo's book-by dates to avoid risking your trip. She also notes that travelers can save even more by using Expedia Group's One Key loyalty program.

Specifically, those wanting to book a vacation home for the Memorial Day weekend should aim to do so by April 15th, as Memorial Day falls on May 27th this year.

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Travelers hoping to secure a great vacation rental for the Fourth of July should book by May 17th. Similarly, those looking to spend Labor Day weekend in a home away from home should book by July 22nd.

This advice is particularly relevant for travelers seeking to visit some of Vrbo's most in-demand summer beach destinations, such as the Outer Banks in North Carolina or Cape May and Ocean City in New Jersey.

The recommendation to book early is driven by the expectation that summer airfare prices will peak towards the end of May and early June, with domestic flights projected to cost around $315 roundtrip for summer travel, according to a recent report from the booking site Hopper.

When it comes to Vrbo's most popular vacation rentals, travelers are seeking unique spaces that offer exceptional experiences, such as a home with an on-site vineyard in California or a home with a pool overlooking the red rocks in Arizona.

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In addition to these recommendations, we would also like to provide you with some more useful information on traveling, which will be handy for those who prefer doing this by air.

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