IATA: Measures Should Be Taken to Solve the Problem of the High Cost of COVID-19 Tests

IATA: Measures Should Be Taken to Solve the Problem of the High Cost of COVID-19 Tests

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has called on governments to take action to address the high cost of COVID-19 tests in many jurisdictions and prompted flexibility to allow cost-effective antigen tests as an alternative to more expensive PCR tests. IATA also recommended that governments adopt recent World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to consider exempting vaccinated travelers from testing requirements.

According to the latest IATA travel survey, 86 percent of respondents are willing to take the test. However, 70 percent also believe the cost of testing is a significant barrier to travel, and 78 percent suppose governments should bear the cost of mandatory testing.

"IATA supports the COVID-19 tests as a way to reopen the borders to international travel. But our support is not unconditional. In addition to reliability, the tests must be readily available, inexpensive, and appropriate to the level of risk. However, many governments fail to meet some or all of these requirements. Testing varies greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, with little relation to the actual cost of conducting the test. The UK is a perfect example of how governments fail to manage tests properly. At best, it's expensive, and at worst, it's extortionate. And either way, it's a scandal when the government applies VAT," said Willie Walsh, IATA's Director General.

The new generation of rapid tests costs less than $10 per test. Provided that a confirmatory rRT-PCR test is performed when the test is positive, WHO guidelines consider Ag-RDT antigen testing an acceptable alternative to PCR. And when testing is mandatory, the WHO International Health Regulations (IHRs) state that passengers and carriers should not bear the cost of testing.

Besides this, the testing must be appropriate for the threat level.

Resuming international travel is vital to maintaining the 46 million travel and tourism jobs worldwide that depend on aviation. "Our latest survey confirms that the high cost of testing will have a big impact on the shape of the post-travel recovery. It doesn't make sense for governments to reopen borders if these measures make travel costs prohibitive for the most part. We need a reset that's affordable to everyone," Walsh said.

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