Airport's Life: What Did You Not Know About The Airports' Employees?

Airport's Life: What Did You Not Know About The Airports' Employees?

Airport Employees 2021-10-24
Actually, airports are kind of separate states with their own rules, norms, and, of course, secrets, and only those who got a job there know how things work. That's why we found out interesting facts about the airports and their employees, and today, we'd like to share them with you. So, the employees of airports…

1. Know how aggressive we are.

Many major airports have unique cameras that help establish a person's alcohol or drug intoxication, and some can even show the level of aggressiveness. The cameras transmit data to a computer, and if a person poses a danger (when they're displayed in red light), security staff will certainly stop them for a more thorough check.

2. Have no idea why our luggage went to another country.

Most of us have wondered, "What's going on with my suitcase in the luggage department that it's always scruffy?" Actually, baggage sorting is automatic: scanners read a barcode and allocate luggage to specified destinations. However, sometimes the scanner may send your luggage to the wrong country if, for example, you haven't removed the previous destination sticker.

3. Cook onboard meals 24/7.

Most airports are equipped with huge kitchens where people cook food for the passengers on board. Usually, they cook for several airlines at once, only the range of food differs. Moreover, such kitchens are open around the clock since food is prepared 6-10 hours before departure for a particular flight.

4. Know what you were holding in your hands.

Sometimes airport staff ask passengers to rub their hands on a piece of cloth and then stick it in some kind of analyzer. Such a process is a bit alarming for passengers, as they suppose they did something terrible. However, it's not as scary as it may seem - you're just checked with a device called an atomizer.

Before the beginning of a shift, airport staff put particles of dangerous substances into the atomizer (for example, drugs or explosives). The device "remembers" the smell, and if your hands smell something like that, it immediately signals the danger.

5. See us naked.

Many people feel uncomfortable when an utterly unfamiliar airport employee gropes their body from head to toe for security purposes. However, we prepared for you something even more terrifying.

Some airports have special scanners going through which the passengers have to raise their hands. So, through this scanner, the airport employee sees the person naked. Absolutely. Such a scanner is even called the Naked Scanner. So, as you can see, sometimes airport employees know us better than we think.

6. Analyze our behavior.

Some airports have special people - profilers. They analyze passengers' facial expressions, gestures, and behavior to detect suspicious individuals. The profiler's job is to notice non-verbal signs of anxiety: licking the lips, scratching, or, for example, looking around.

Let's take an example. Suppose the profiler notices that the person behaves strangely. In that case, they may be invited to the inspection, where a format of personal communication will try to show the suspicious person's true colors.

Such people work both in the halls and directly at the passport control. Thus, the typical question "What is the purpose of the visit?" is actually a psychological test of a person's reaction.

7. Check our suitcase with the dogs.

Before your luggage gets on the specified flight, it will go through as many as five security levels, which include a scan of the content and a check by a special dog that can smell, for example, drugs.

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