7 Things You Didn't Know Before About The Flights

7 Things You Didn't Know Before About The Flights

Things You Didn't Know Before 2022-01-03 ParkingNearAirports.io
Surely, each of you has ever traveled by air at least once. However, you haven't probably noticed what's happening during the flight, as most people are reading, listening to music, or doing something like that.

Even though the flight may seem routine, even mundane, you might be wondering to know why certain procedures and routines happen. If so, you've come to the right place. Today's article will give you the answers to all of your questions. So let's get to the point!

Why is there a hole in the window?

Next time you'll make a trip by plane, take a closer look at the window - you'll find a tiny hole there. But don't be scared - that's ok. Such a hole is called the bleed hole and is necessary, as the air pressure at high altitudes is much lower. So to provide passengers with safety and comfort, the pressure is kept at a higher level inside the airplane.

Dimming the lights is critical

If you've ever taken an overnight flight, you've probably noticed that the flight attendants asked you to dim the light, and it's for a reason. The thing is that if you fall into an emergency evacuation, thanks to low lights, you won't have to wait for your eyes to adjust in the event. The same thing happens with keeping the window blinds up - it helps the aircrew see what's happening outside the plane.

The onboard meals aren't so bad

Many people complain about the food served onboard. The main reason is that such food is disgusting. Why is it happening?

First of all, chefs are forced to cook all the dishes in advance to feed the entire plane. Then, this food is reheated when it's needed. Besides, it's often smothered in sauce to avoid drying out dishes.

Secondly, it isn't easy to make the meals as yummy as on the earth, as we perceive flavors differently due to noise level onboard. So cooks need to significantly increase the amount of salt or sugar in the dish to make it edible.

We want to share with you one handy lifehack: while traveling by plane, choose the products rich in umami. Compared with other tastes, our sense of umami is stronger at altitude. So next time, make a choice of dishes containing umami-rich ingredients such as tomatoes, soy sauce, mushrooms, or sardines.

Where does water go when you flush?

It's a myth that everything from the airplane's toilets goes to the atmosphere. Otherwise, people around the world would suffer and be dirty every day.

How does it work? Everything is straightforward. Actually, the contents are sucked into a special tank thanks to opening a valve in the sewer line. Then, when the plane lands, ground staff attach a truck line and empty the tank for disposal.

Why should you turn on airplane mode?

If you've noticed that your fellow passenger is surfing on the Internet after taking off, don't worry - you're not going to fall out of the sky. However, airplane mode will significantly help to reduce interference and the associated distractions a phone may create on the flight deck.

What do those dings mean?

Communication among aircrew members would be problematic if relayed from cabin to cabin. That's why airlines use chimes.

But how do such chimes work? Shortly after takeoff, you'll hear the noise that tells the crew the landing gear has been retracted. If you hear a single chime during a flight, it often signals another passenger is pressing the call button. Several calls may indicate that the pilot tells flight attendants that turbulence is ahead to have time to stow their carts.

Why does almost nobody die on a plane?

According to the statistics, which shows that only eight passengers died of the four billion, you'll be highly unlikely to pass away on a plane. However, if such a situation happens and there is no doctor on board, the crew will follow agreed IATA protocols – which usually involve leaving passengers in their seats – and await an official declaration from qualified medics when the plane reaches its destination.

Here you'll find some helpful tips for your next trip!

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