New York Airports Restore Air Traffic After Heavy Snowfall

New York Airports Restore Air Traffic After Heavy Snowfall

New York 2022-02-06
New York City airports are trying to gradually restore air service after the snowfall that hit the East Coast of the United States.

Earlier, it was reported that New York City experienced its first heavy snowfall this year. New York's John F. Kennedy Airport said more than 76 percent of its 877 scheduled flights were canceled Saturday due to bad weather conditions. Passengers were urged to check their flight status before getting to the airport. LaGuardia Airport also recommended checking flight status.

"We're expecting a slow recovery of flight activity on Sunday morning, Jan. 30, with a gradual increase (of flights - ed.) throughout the day," said a message posted on the John F. Kennedy Airport and LaGuardia Airport Twitter pages.

A total of more than 3.5 thousand flights were canceled, and more than 80,000 consumers were de-energized on Saturday in the United States. Another wave of winter weather with snowfalls, icing, and strong winds hit the East Coast.

With about 50 million Americans in the band, the natural cataclysm originated in the South and North Carolina area and is moving north along the Atlantic coast - through Delaware, New Jersey, and New York into the New England states.

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