Summer is Around the Corner: The Best Campgrounds You Can Find in America

Summer is Around the Corner: The Best Campgrounds You Can Find in America

Camping 2022-06-18
Summer is the perfect time for camping, isn't it? Since sunny days and enjoyable moments are around the corner, we've put together for you the best campgrounds you can find in the United States. So let's take a closer look at them and find a perfect option just for you.

Where is it worth camping this summer?

Actually, many well-known amusement parks across the entire country offer various camping options for tourists who want to spend the night but might be looking for something different from a hotel at the same time. For example, Florida's Disney World is ready to meet all of your needs, providing you with an opportunity to camp at the Fort Wilderness Resort, located near Bay Lake. In addition, theme parks, such as Dollywood in Tennessee, and Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, will also be happy to offer travelers cabin options for a camping experience.

People who are looking to rough it will be able to enjoy the following: has prepared for them a list of the eight best campgrounds in national parks across the United States.

If you're planning to spend your time on the East Coast, you can camp at Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland and Virginia. Besides the scenic beaches, the park is famous for its 300 wild ponies.

Those going to take a trip to the West Coast will definitely love the Channel Islands National Park, which has been called "The Galapagos of North America."

Want to get off the grid? If so, take a closer look at camping in Glacier National Park in Montana. In addition, while the scenery in Montana is breathtaking, Colorado's Great Sand Dunes National Park gives a chance to enjoy the views of the country's tallest dunes.

Grand Canyon National Park's North Rim in Arizona also offers stunning views, as well as secluded camping. Alaska's Denali National Park, in turn, has the closest campground to North America's tallest peak – Denali.

If you're looking for something truly unique, we'd like to draw your attention to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where you'll be able to see active volcanoes with your own eyes. People who cannot make it to Hawaii, but still want to enjoy warm weather can consider the Hot Springs National Park option in Arkansas – 47 natural hot springs will be available.

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