How to Take Care of Pricey Technology While Traveling

How to Take Care of Pricey Technology While Traveling

Travel Guide 2023-08-14

Technology now plays a bigger role in our lives than ever before. These devices, from cell phones to computers, have become necessities that we always have with us. However, as we rely more on pricey equipment when traveling, we run the danger of losing or damaging it.

While traveling, the security and safety of your technology should come first. Taking extra care can assist safeguard the safety of your phone, tablet, laptop, and other technology. Here are some key recommendations for keeping your device secure while traveling. Let's get to it!

Here's what you should remember when traveling with expensive tech…

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1. Safeguard your trip with travelers insurance

When traveling with valuable technology, it is crucial to obtain travel insurance. While it is hoped that you won't need to use it, having insurance provides peace of mind in case something goes wrong with your laptop, camera, or other devices.

Keep in mind that not all travel insurance policies offer the same coverage, so it's important to carefully review the details. Discovering that you are not covered despite having insurance can be a frustrating experience.

2. Choose the perfect travel bag

Your choice of bag is essential for safeguarding your tech. It should provide protection against the elements and potential theft attempts. Additionally, opt for a bag that is comfortable to carry, reducing the need to set it down frequently and minimizing the risk of it becoming an easy target.

When selecting a bag, look for one with TSA-approved locks and ample internal pockets. These features not only enhance security against potential thieves but also help prevent scratches and damage from other items in your bag. Hidden pockets are especially advantageous for storing valuables or important travel information that you want to keep safe.

3. Prioritize strong password protection

Using strong passwords is crucial for protecting your digital accounts. Fortunately, password managers like LastPass, 1Password, and BitWarden make it easier than ever to generate and utilize secure passwords without the need to memorize them.

Some password management software, such as 1Password, even offer a Travel Mode feature. This feature allows you to securely cross international borders without compromising your data. It locks down everything except the information marked as "safe for travel," ensuring both the safety and accessibility of your data when needed.

4. Don't be lazy about your case

In the rush of navigating security checkpoints and transportation stations, it can be tempting to carelessly handle your electronics. However, using a carrying case is essential for preserving your gadgets. Whether it's a case that came with your headphones or one you purchase separately, don't overlook its importance in protecting your devices.

Taking the time to properly store and secure your electronics in their designated compartments within your bag can save you from the inconvenience of a cracked screen or lost earbud in the future.

5. Pack the right chargers

If you are traveling abroad, it is likely that you will need a travel adapter for your electronic devices. Whether you opt for a universal adapter or one specific to your destination's outlets, ensure it has built-in surge protection to prevent circuit overload and potential damage to your electronics.

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