5 Must-Try Regional American Dishes

5 Must-Try Regional American Dishes

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In the United States, there are unique pasta dishes in the Midwest and traditional native cuisine in the Southwest. Each city offers its own specialized meals, reflecting the pride and local culinary traditions of the area. If you're seeking an extraordinary dining experience, it's highly recommended to indulge in one of these extravagant delicacies. Here are 3 regional US dishes that you must try at least once.

Unusual American eats: have you actually tried these regional delicacies?

1. Cincinnati Chili – Cincinnati, Ohio

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Cincinnati chili is not your typical chili. It's a unique Ohio specialty that consists of a bed of spaghetti topped with chili, cheddar cheese, beans, and onions. However, you can customize your order to your liking. Many restaurants offer Cincinnati chili in three ways: just spaghetti, chili, and cheese (3-way), adding beans or onions (4-way), or adding beans and onions (5-way).

The idea behind Cincinnati chili originated from Greek immigrants who wanted to give the dish a Mediterranean twist to set it apart from traditional American chilis. Each bite of Cincinnati chili may have subtle flavors of cumin, paprika, cinnamon, allspice, and other non-traditional chili seasonings. However, many restaurants keep their special recipes a secret. Today, there are several popular Cincinnati chili fast-food chains, such as Dixie Chili, Gold Star, and the famous Skyline Chili.

2. Juicy Lucy Burger – Minnesota

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If you thought cheeseburgers were already indulgent enough, then you've never experienced the local Minnesota delight known as a Juicy Lucy. This regional specialty takes it up a notch by stuffing gooey cheese inside the patty instead of melting it on top. For years, two Minneapolis bars – Matt's Bar and the 5-8 Club – have been in a spirited debate over who actually invented the Juicy Lucy.

What sets the Juicy Lucy apart is its versatility when it comes to using various types of cheeses that melt beautifully. You have the classic options like American or cheddar, or you can get creative with a Mexican-inspired burger filled with pepper jack cheese and topped off with tangy pickled jalapeños. Some restaurants even offer unique holiday variations, such as a Thanksgiving-themed version with a turkey patty filled with stuffing, or one stuffed with the classic combination of peanut butter and jelly.

3. Spam Musubi – Hawaii

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Although the origins of Spam musubi are a subject of debate, it's a very popular dish in the Hawaiian islands. It closely resembles traditional sushi, consisting of a bed of rectangular rice topped with lightly caramelized Spam, all wrapped in edible seaweed.

Spam has gained immense popularity in Hawaii, particularly due to its association with World War II. During this time, the canned meat was frequently served to servicemen stationed in Hawaii and eventually became a staple in various Hawaiian dishes. Today, Spam is enjoyed sliced in breakfast hashes, placed on sandwiches, and even incorporated into poke bowls throughout Hawaii.

4. Toasted Ravioli – St. Louis, Missouri

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Toasted ravioli is exactly what it sounds like – pasta that has been deep-fried. To make this indulgent dish, small ravioli pieces are coated in breadcrumbs, fried until they become crispy, and then topped with parmesan cheese. They are served alongside marinara sauce for dipping. While traditional versions of toasted ravioli used to be filled with meat, modern variations tend to focus more on making the ravioli extra cheesy.

This delectable dish originated in the Hill neighborhood of St. Louis. Two restaurants, Mama's on the Hill and Charlie Gitto's, both claim to be the creators of toasted ravioli. According to both establishments, the treat was accidentally invented in the 1940s when ravioli was mistakenly cooked in hot oil instead of boiling water.

5. Snickers Salad – Iowa

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In the Iowa classic called Snickers salad, you won't find any leafy greens. Instead, this indulgent dessert "salad" is made by combining Snickers bars, Granny Smith apples, whipped cream, and vanilla pudding. These ingredients are chopped and mixed together to create a creamy and sweet treat.

The exact origin of this treat is uncertain, but it's likely that it was developed shortly after the creation of the first Snickers bar in 1930. Over the decades, the recipe has evolved to include additional elements, such as bananas, crushed pineapple, and lemon juice.

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