7 Airplane Etiquette Rules You Should Always Follow

7 Airplane Etiquette Rules You Should Always Follow

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All seasoned travelers are aware of the unwritten rules that must be followed when aboard an airplane. Actions, such as a child kicking the back of your seat, someone consuming strongly smelling food during the flight, or a passenger hastily retrieving their belongings upon landing, are all highly discouraged. Whether you're a first-time flier or a well-experienced traveler, continue reading to find out what actions you should avoid while on a plane. Let's get to it!

So what are the things you should avoid doing on an airplane?

1. Wait before getting up after the plane lands

This specific guideline has received significant media attention in recent years. Scientific research has demonstrated that following a system where each row retrieves their luggage from the overhead bins in an orderly manner is quicker compared to everyone standing up simultaneously and competing for their bags. Unless you're in a dire situation and at the risk of missing your next flight, it's advised to remain seated and wait for your turn.

2. Avoid consuming strongly scented food

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It can be quite unpleasant when you're finally comfortable on a flight, only to have the person seated behind you start eating egg salad or a strong-smelling hot meal from the airport. Since personal space is limited while flying, it's best to bring snacks that aren't overpowering in scent or, if possible, wait until the in-flight meal is served on longer journeys before enjoying your food. Your fellow passengers in neighboring seats will surely appreciate it.

3. Refrain from drinking the tap water

The water systems found on airplanes, including the tap water used for various purposes like making coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, are not extremely sanitary. To prioritize your health, it's advisable to choose sealed bottled water instead.

4. Be considerate of others' storage space in the overhead bin

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You will often hear flight attendants reminding passengers not to occupy extra space in the overhead bins with personal items or accessories. The overhead bin space is specifically designated for carry-on luggage and is usually limited. Unless there is ample room on the flight, it's advisable to either bring fewer belongings if you prefer more legroom, ensure that loose items can fit into your overhead bags, or simply place your purse or backpack under the seat in front of you. Other passengers who are running late will appreciate it when they can easily stow their suitcase above their seat.

5. Avoid spreading out and taking up excessive space

This is a frequently encountered inconvenience and possibly one of the most significant frustrations among airplane passengers. The seats in airplanes are already cramped, and personal space is limited, unless you have the fortune of flying in first or business class. It's essential to always keep your hands, feet, and, well, everything else, within your own space. The same holds true for reclining your seat unnecessarily. While this is similar to spreading out, it can be more challenging to follow if you're flying internationally or across the country.

6. Treat flight attendants with respect and kindness

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Flight attendants are here to help and support you during your flight. If you need earbuds to enjoy a movie, they will gladly assist you. Feeling a bit dehydrated? Just ask for extra water, and they will promptly bring it to your seat. However, it's important to maintain a good relationship with the flight attendants. Being rude may result in receiving subpar service, disapproving looks from other passengers, and an overall negative attitude from the entire cabin crew. Remember, flight attendants are hardworking individuals ensuring your comfort while you relax in the sky. It's crucial to treat them with respect and appreciation.

7. Share armrests considerately if you're seated in an aisle or window seat

In the world of airplane etiquette, there's an unwritten rule that might not be familiar to everyone: the middle seat is entitled to the armrests. Compared to the window and aisle seats, which already offer some additional space, the window seat allows for leaning against the plane wall, while the aisle seat allows for a bit more room to spread out. Sacrificing a small sliver of space for the comfort of your fellow passengers in the middle seat is a small gesture to ensure that everyone on board is happy and relaxed. After all, the flight is just a small part of your overall journey, and everyone tends to feel uncomfortable from the start.

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