Your Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating LAX Airport Terminals

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating LAX Airport Terminals

Airports 2024-04-21

Los Angeles International Airport, also known as LAX, is one of the busiest airports in the United States and the world. It's located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County, about 20 miles from the city's downtown and close to the beautiful Santa Monica Bay. LAX is owned and operated by Los Angeles World Airports, a department of the City of Los Angeles.

The airport's history dates back to the 1920s when the area was just farmland for crops like wheat, barley, and lima beans. Back then, aviators started using part of the property as a landing strip. In the late 1920s, local developers pushed for the area to become a major airport, and in 1927, 640 acres were designated for use as an airport, which was named Mines Field. And that's how the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) was born!

Nowadays, LAX covers nearly 3,000 acres and has 9 terminals. So if you're planning a trip that involves flying in or out of Los Angeles, make sure you know the basics about this bustling airport before your next flight!

LAX layover? Make the most of your time with this terminal guide!

LAX Airport map

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LAX Airport terminals

Tom Bradley International Terminal

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Explore a world of travel opportunities at Tom Bradley International Terminal. Take flight with renowned airlines, such as Air France, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, Qantas, and Singapore Airlines, offering countless destinations for your next adventure.


Take some time to unwind and relax before your upcoming flight. At Tom Bradley International, you'll find everything you need to start your journey feeling refreshed. Treat yourself to a soothing massage at the XPresSpa to help you de-stress before your flight. If you're traveling with young children, you can use the nursing room to care for them. And don't forget about the animal relief station if you have furry friends joining you on your trip.

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Prepare for your upcoming trip by exploring a variety of delectable dining options. Before going through airport security, you can enjoy a quick bite at Earl of Sandwich, Pinkberry, or Planet Hollywood. Once you've cleared security, treat yourself to gourmet burgers at Umami Burger, savor California-inspired cuisine at Chaya Brasserie, or indulge in a classic favorite from Panda Express. And for all the coffee lovers, you'll find convenient Starbucks and LAMILL Coffee locations. There are numerous other restaurants and cafes available to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.


Treat yourself to some self-care or find the perfect travel essentials. Explore different stores before passing through security, such as Hudson News and USA Today Travel Zone. Once you're past security, discover a world of premium brands like Bvlgari, Coach, Emporio Armani, and Victoria's Secret. Enjoy duty-free shopping and indulge in global brands like Burberry, Gucci, and Hermes without the added taxes. This is just a glimpse of the vast shopping options available at the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Terminal 1

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When passing through Terminal 1, you can hop on a Southwest Airlines flight or book with other airlines like Allegiant Air, Frontier, Sun Country, and VivaAerobus. Take a break to relax in a nursing room or unwind at the Be Relax Spa before your journey. Once you've cleared security, you can enjoy a meal at California Pizza Kitchen, Chick-fil-A, or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Don't forget to stop by Brookstone or pick up any last-minute travel necessities at MAC before boarding your flight.

Terminal 2

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Several major airlines, such as Delta, Virgin Atlantic, and WestJet, have made Terminal 2 their home base. The terminal offers some great amenities too, including a nursing room and an animal relief station for your furry passengers. Before going through security, you can grab a nice cup of Starbucks to begin your journey. And on the other side, you'll find plenty of dining options like Barney's Beanery, Fresh Brothers, and Slapfish to satisfy your hunger. Don't forget to browse the CNBC Smartshop or pick up any last-minute travel essentials at Spanx once you've cleared security.

Terminal 3

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This gate is currently not in use (as of April 2024), but Delta Air Lines typically operates flights from this location. On the secure side of the terminal, you'll find helpful amenities, such as a nursing room, as well as delicious dining options like Shake Shack and Starbucks. Before going through security, you can stop by the Hudson LAXpress store to pick up any travel necessities you might need.

Terminal 4

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At Terminal 4, American Airlines is the dominant airline. The terminal offers various conveniences, such as a nursing room and an animal relief station. Travelers can enjoy a Starbucks coffee before going through security, and once past security, they can choose from a range of dining options, including Campanile, Homeboy Café, and Real Food Daily. In addition, newsstands like Entertainment Weekly and Sunglass Hut provide last-minute travel necessities after the security checkpoint.

Terminal 5

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Hop aboard with Air Canada, American, JetBlue, or Spirit Airlines when departing from Terminal 5. Enjoy the convenience of a nursing room, an animal relief station, and the relaxing XPresSpa. Before heading through security, stop by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to grab a warm beverage. Once past security, treat yourself to fresh Farmers Market To Go options or a tasty bite at Rock & Brews. Don't forget to check out I Love LA and DFS Duty Free for souvenirs and any last-minute travel necessities.

Terminal 6

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Terminal 6 at this airport provides services for Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, and Southern Air. The terminal offers convenient amenities, such as a nursing room for mothers and an animal relief station. Before going through security, you can enjoy a cup of coffee from Starbucks. After passing through security, you'll find a variety of dining options, including The Habit Burger Grill and Wolfgang Puck. For some post-security shopping, you can visit Belkin and See's Candies. The terminal aims to provide a pleasant and comfortable experience for all travelers passing through.

Terminal 7

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United Airlines, including their regional partner United Express, operates out of Terminal 7 at this airport. They offer some convenient amenities, such as a private nursing room for mothers and an animal relief station for your furry companions. Before going through security, you can grab a quick bite or beverage from Dunkin' Donuts. On the other side of security, you'll find more dining and coffee options like B Grill, Klatch Coffee, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. If you have some extra time, you can do a bit of shopping or pick up a new book – there's a Hugo Boss store and a Book Soup bookshop after you pass through security.

Terminal 8

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United Airlines, including its regional partner United Express, operates out of Terminal 8 at this airport. For your comfort and convenience, the terminal offers a nursing room and an area for pets to take care of their needs. After passing through security, you can enjoy a meal at Carl's Jr. or grab a refreshing coffee at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. And if you need to do some last-minute reading or magazine browsing, be sure to check out the E! News newsstand before boarding your flight.

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