The Fascinating Story of Your Airplane Food

The Fascinating Story of Your Airplane Food

Airplanes 2024-06-05

Nik Loukas, an experienced airline cuisine reviewer, runs Inflight Feed, a platform that evaluates the food served by airlines worldwide. Having worked behind the scenes at many airport catering kitchens, Loukas is well-aware of the extensive planning and preparation that goes into creating delicious airline meals, which passengers often overlook.

Over the past 7 years, Loukas has flown and dined on more than 500 flights. He suggests that curry is a reliable option, as its taste is enhanced at high altitude, while seafood is the most challenging for airlines to get right. Loukas speaks highly of the consistently flavorful and creative dishes served by Singapore and Thai Airways. His best airline meal to date was a pre-order upgrade with Austrian Airlines, which was a Japanese-style bento box he paid €15 ($17) extra for.

As an expert in airline cuisine, Nik Loukas provides valuable insights into the intricate world of in-flight dining. He sheds light on the meticulous planning and preparation that goes into crafting the meals that passengers enjoy. So let's get right into it and explore this topic together! Here's the key information you need to know about the history of airplane food, without any additional details. Come on!

The origins of airline meals

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Airline meals are carefully crafted in collaboration with professional chefs, and some airlines even employ renowned celebrity chefs to add a touch of culinary star power. For instance, Singapore Airlines recently announced a partnership with the celebrated German chef Johan Laffer, while Air France's first-class passengers can enjoy meals designed by 3 famous French chefs – Anne-Sophie Pic, Régis Marcon, and Guy Martin. The process of designing, testing, and perfecting a new airline menu can take months before it's ready to launch.

While chefs are responsible for the design of these meals, the actual cooking and assembly is often carried out by large airport-based catering companies.

This video by Airflygo shows the process of making Emirates Airlines' meals from scratch. The process is highly automated and operates around the clock to keep up with the demand. Airline food is typically prepared in advance on the ground, chilled, and then loaded onto the aircraft, where it's reheated and served to passengers.

Cooking for the 400-600 person capacity of a Boeing 747 while in the air would be a logistical nightmare, and for safety reasons, airplanes aren't equipped with stovetops or extensive kitchens. However, you can rest assured that your in-flight meal is safe to consume. The preparation of airline food is regulated by the International Flight Services Association (IFSA), with strict guidelines regarding temperature control, storage, cooking, assembly, and dispatch.

Culinary secrets at high altitudes

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When it comes to dining environments, being crammed into a seat surrounded by numerous other people at high altitude isn't exactly the most appealing scenario for most people.

Beyond the ambiance, the low humidity and high-pressure conditions found in aircraft cabins can actually diminish our ability to taste food properly. This means that even a spicy tikka masala dish may end up tasting rather bland while onboard. Charles Spence, the food scientist, published a book in 2017, which delves into how the elevated noise levels during air travel can interfere with our sense of taste. Spence highlighted that eating is a far more multi-sensory experience than we often realize, and the 80-85 decibels of background noise we encounter during flights can disrupt the balance of our senses, thus affecting our taste buds.

Interestingly, Spence noted that the only flavor that's actually enhanced at high altitudes is the savory umami, which is commonly found in Japanese cuisine. This may explain why the Bloody Mary is reported to be the most popular cocktail consumed on board by airline passengers.

Airlines are well aware of these challenges and have developed various strategies to ensure their in-flight meals taste delicious. They often use more spice, salt, and sugar in their dishes compared to what would typically be used on the ground, and they tend to choose more robust and flavorful menu options when designing their in-flight dining experiences.

Singapore Airlines has taken their culinary offerings to new heights. As stated on their website, the airline carefully tests all of their chefs' creations in simulated cabin environments, adjusting the flavors to ensure the dishes will be just as delightful when enjoyed at high altitudes.

In addition, Cathay Pacific has been coming up with creative ways to improve the gastronomic experience of their passengers, including the brewing of craft beer with specific ingredients, aromas, and carbonation levels that are optimized for the in-flight environment.

Better quality and more options – but with a cost…

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Gone are the days when travel fares included everything. Today, airline food often comes at an additional cost. Many airlines now offer the option to upgrade standard meals to more upscale or specialized options for an extra fee. For instance, Air France passengers can choose to upgrade to a health-conscious grilled chicken and quinoa salad, while British Airways provides classic British pub fare upgrades, such as their "Taste of Britain" and "Great British Breakfast" menus.

While having to pay extra for basic amenities can be frustrating, airlines are working harder to improve the quality of their meals in the hopes of generating more sales. Some airlines are so confident in their revamped menus that they're taking a chance by serving them outside of the airplane.

The CEO of the low-cost carrier AirAsia recently announced plans to open a restaurant showcasing their range of regional Malaysian dishes. Similarly, Air New Zealand demonstrated their faith in their latest menu when they launched a pop-up restaurant in London in 2017, complete with airline seats and tray tables.

The cream of the crop in airline cuisine

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This year, which airlines are set to impress you with their culinary delights?

According to InflightFeed, Thai Airways tops the list for the best economy-class airline meals, offering a diverse range of delectable Thai dishes, as well as a variety of international options. In second place for economy-class is Turkish Airways, known for their mouthwatering Mediterranean dishes, featuring an abundance of vegetables and rice.

Those traveling in business-class or first-class are truly spoiled for choice. ANA, the Japanese-owned airline, has earned high praise from travel bloggers for its outstanding business-class meals. Meanwhile, Air France's gourmet first-class offerings are considered among the most decadent in the industry.

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