Is Airplane Mode Actually Necessary When Flying?

Is Airplane Mode Actually Necessary When Flying?

Airplanes 2023-06-26

Airplane mode has become a common setting on our smartphones, but do we really need to use it while flying? In this travel guide, we'll explore what airplane mode is, the potential risks of not turning it on, what happens if you don't activate it, and whether we can expect changes in the future regarding phone usage on planes. Let’s get to the point!

What is airplane mode?

Airplane mode is a feature available on mobile devices that disables wireless communication functions such as cellular service, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. When activated, it helps ensure that your device doesn't interfere with the aircraft's navigation and communication systems.

Potential risks of not turning on airplane mode

While it may seem harmless to keep your phone connected during a flight, there are potential risks associated with not turning on airplane mode. The signals emitted by our devices, even when in standby mode, can interfere with the aircraft's electronic systems. This interference can disrupt communication between the aircraft and ground systems, affecting important navigational equipment.

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What happens if I don't turn on airplane mode?

If you forget or choose not to activate airplane mode during a flight, several things may occur. Firstly, your device may cause interference with the aircraft's communication systems, potentially disrupting important signals. Secondly, your device will continue to search for cellular signals, leading to increased battery usage. Lastly, if you receive calls or messages during the flight, they may disrupt other passengers and violate airline regulations.

Will we ever be able to use our phone on a plane?

The regulations regarding phone usage on planes vary among airlines and aviation authorities. While some airlines allow limited in-flight Wi-Fi access, the use of cellular services during a flight is still largely prohibited. However, advancements in technology and changes in regulations are constantly evolving. Some airlines are exploring the possibility of offering in-flight cellular connectivity in the future, while others are considering relaxing restrictions during specific phases of the flight.

Park smart & save: the benefits of off-site parking with!

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You might be surprised about this fact because most people are confident that on-site parking is the best choice when you're traveling by air. But, actually, it's not true, and we'll explain why.

People who prefer to get to the airport by car think that it's the most convenient option since on-site parking is the nearest place to the airport where it's possible to park a vehicle safely for the period of a trip. However, they make a huge mistake, as there is a big chance to face many following difficulties:

  • You will need to find a spot in a crowded lot,
  • You will need to carry the luggage all the way through the parking lot,
  • You must pay expensive fees without great service, and much more.

Sounds not so good, right? But there is one great solution in this situation – an off-site parking option!

The off-site parking service has many advantages, which will definitely convince you to change your choice during the next trip:

  • First of all, it's much cheaper. On-site parking can become too costly for you, as the price for such a parking type might equal half the value of the whole trip. The cost of the off-site parking, in turn, will be not so high, offering alongside free shuttles going back and forth between the parking lot and the airport.
  • Secondly, it's much faster. By choosing an on-site parking option, you'll be needed to find a free spot in a crowded lot, which takes a lot of time. However, by selecting an off-site parking option, you'll be able to drive directly to the entrance, where staff members will help you to pull your luggage out of your vehicle and load it into the shuttle, as well as park your car securely for you. Finally, a free shuttle will bring you and your bags to the airport.
  • Thirdly, it's much more convenient. No more worries about being late to the airport and your flight – the off-site parking is a hassle-free option that is usually faster. Since you use the services of a private company, people want to be sure you're satisfied with the quality and comfort of the services provided, so you don't need to wrack your brain about the quick path to the airport anymore.

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